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  #FFCCFF / RGB = 255 - 204 - 255  


nothing good comes of this color

submitted 20060322153519
suggested name: "perfect pink"    [FFCCFF

delicate shade of a brilliant perfect colour. This colour is girly, sweet, candy floss, inocence without being can also be the colour your pants go when put in with the red jumper you didint even want but how much more interesting than plain white or skaby wishy washy grey

submitted 20060303044743 by jazz
suggested name: "newborn purple"    [FFCCFF

this color seems so pure... almost like adding a little bit of sweet to angels wings

submitted 20050712224631 by dannette   [email]
suggested name: "angel kisses"    [FFCCFF

this color is almost too sweet but i love it

submitted 20050128133426

When i was acting as Batman.

submitted 20041116142403
suggested name: "floridapink"    [FFCCFF

kitschy...a row of brightly painted homes in a caribbean town... the pink one fascinates but also appalls. what kind of people live there? do they ever fight? how could you, surrounded by this colour?

submitted 20040730160943 by guruturtle
suggested name: "yuck"    [FFCCFF

this colour gets in the way of crisp ideas

submitted 20040629030139
suggested name: "cotton candy"    [FFCCFF

soft fluffy pink cotton candy, just like the clouds in a beautiful sunset. I can almost taste it looking at the color.

submitted 20040415025328 by kristine   [homepage]
suggested name: "Fluffy"    [FFCCFF

This is the cutest color ever. It makes me smile and just want to be happy. I want to dress myself in it head to toe

submitted 20040207184452 by Krysta   [email]
suggested name: "omg"    [FFCCFF

I love it!....I hate it! Its beautiful! Its disgusting! ...I love it.

submitted 20031001020638
suggested name: "cotton candy"    [FFCCFF

spun sugar, sticky sweet, childhood and innocence for three dollars a bag

submitted 20030605224010 by alicia   [email]
suggested name: "First Crush "    [FFCCFF

This is the color of the little hearts you draw on the paper you send to your first crush. (You know, *heart heart heart* Do you like me?? Check yes or no *heart heart heart*)

submitted 20030403163957 by Brittney   [email]

the colour of my own four walls, staring back at me unblinking, and vibrant.

submitted 20030217000718 by rinaedin   [email]

This is the colour of my room was when I was small, before I had it painted green and then changed my mind again and painted it white... this pink is the colour my mother unintentionally used to impress her ideals of a perfect daughter upon me.

submitted 20021218171917
suggested name: "faint dusk"    [FFCCFF

it is one of the many colors you find at the edges of a beautiful sun set

submitted 20020417110037 by terrasblue
suggested name: "Thistle"    [FFCCFF

I loved new crayons when i was a kid! One of my favorite Crayola colors...This looks familiar

submitted 20020304005924

I like this color.

submitted 20020124060041
suggested name: "idm"    [FFCCFF

idm music and some sick jelly

submitted 20011120082930 by wakax

Little, fluffy clouds, cotton candy, and the ambient sound of Orbital

submitted 20011020102932

this color makes me choke up in the back of my jaw

submitted 20011015144539

fragile, delicate, serene

submitted 20010913131325
suggested name: "sugared almond"    [FFCCFF

this colour reminds me of sugared almonds!!!!

submitted 20010710083617
suggested name: "Julianna Hope"    [FFCCFF

she is the daughter I will never have, and this is the color of her laughter

submitted 20010702222352 by Leia   [email]
suggested name: "Snowlit sunset"    [FFCCFF

...and she blew a kiss into the early snowlit sky in hopes it will melt down to the core of his heart and become hers forever.

submitted 20010319143159 by Anastayzia   [email]
suggested name: "Susan's Hair"    [FFCCFF

You are JARC's rebel!!

submitted 20010202104608 by Patricia Aitken   [email]
suggested name: "Early Morning"    [FFCCFF

This is the color of the sky in the early morning.

submitted 20010125134942 by Az
suggested name: "Bagira"    [FFCCFF

This color reminds me of when I was just beginning to learn HTML. Also, it almost reminds me of yogurt.

submitted 20001225004817 by Joan
suggested name: "Daydream Rosebud"    [FFCCFF

She thought about last night, the way her feet glided across the floor, the romance in the air. Cool, pleasant, flowery dreams in the realm of fantasy.

submitted 20001125160507 by sienna
suggested name: "Lisa"    [FFCCFF

My college roomie, the nympho one, loved this almost Pepto Bismal shade of pinkish lavender. I love pink; this shade makes my nauseous, though. It's so unnatural, so manufactured - so unlike the earthly pinks of real sex!

submitted 20001119180116 by Honey   [email]
suggested name: "oooy goooy"    [FFCCFF

psudo feminine

submitted 20000823091321
suggested name: "Aimee and Bryan's relationship"    [FFCCFF

hey guys... i think of my boyfriend when i see this color... it's beautiful, just like our relationship. I like him a lot. This color is also fun! :)

submitted 20000118184252 by Aimee
suggested name: "birthday party pink"    [FFCCFF

May I please have a cupcake?

submitted 20000112160809
suggested name: "Easter-egg Pink"    [FFCCFF

This is the color of easter, I think. It's just such a mohair-cardigan button-up sweater type thing color.

submitted 19991210224535 by Spooky
suggested name: "pale mauve"    [FFCCFF

tired eyelids

submitted 19991117182727

Perfumed soap

submitted 19991113034705

Color of this day with a good walk, hard work, heart connection with two friends and the warmth of a lover to spoon with through the night

submitted 19991106030054

Knowing when all is stripped away of the physical form, of the five senses, you can still feel love in wisps

submitted 19991101162817
suggested name: "Beauty"    [FFCCFF

Softly, softly into the day

submitted 19990829110621
suggested name: "crystal witch perfume"    [FFCCFF

extracted flowers and early morning drops from the pixie wings on the isle of man. that's where she gets it you know.

submitted 19990827085010 by Ramsey El-Taieb
suggested name: "crystal witch perfume"    [FFCCFF

extracted flowers and early morning drops from the pixie wings on the isle of man. that's where she gets it you know.

submitted 19990827084923
suggested name: "Letting go"    [FFCCFF

The daughter-in-law was so soft the mother-in-law couldn't get her teeth into her

submitted 19990821002558
suggested name: "Organdy"    [FFCCFF

Sunday school dress with lace and white socks and patten leather shoes. At seven years old, I loved this dress so much I wouldn't take it off and slept in it.

submitted 19990819211037   [email]
suggested name: "sweet heart"    [FFCCFF

sweet as candy.cuter than cute. admired by angels. he is my sweet heart

submitted 19990806194818 by Katie
suggested name: "cool pale purple"    [FFCCFF

Very nice, just the sort of colour to put me in a good mood

submitted 19990721234345 by Cassis
suggested name: "Easter Egg"    [FFCCFF


submitted 19990716052522 by Kasey   [email]
suggested name: "Glass harmonica"    [FFCCFF

Etheric Sounds

submitted 19990714014551 by Eileen Skoog   [email]
suggested name: "soft rose"    [FFCCFF

forget-me-nots hiding by the hedge in my front yard, when spring comes

submitted 19990629200416 by victoreia
suggested name: "tender care"    [FFCCFF

fluffy puppies licking your face

submitted 19990628095438 by Dafna   [email]
suggested name: "tender care"    [FFCCFF

fluffy puppies licking your face

submitted 19990628095426 by Dafna   [email]
suggested name: "cotton candy"    [FFCCFF

a fair, a ferris wheel, swings . . . overpriced food . . . sugar cotton candy. yum.

submitted 19990508083500 by fielle
suggested name: "bun"    [FFCCFF

My boss used to buy buns for morning tea - the ones with a mile high frosting of sticky gooey icing

submitted 19990408221806 by ReTroGrrl   [email]