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  #FF99CC / RGB = 255 - 153 - 204  

suggested name: "barbie"    [FF99CC

all these neon colours remind me of my childhood; lots of cheap toys

submitted 20050909072842
suggested name: "Nails"    [FF99CC

the color i ended up with when i wanted red

submitted 20040711083433 by jenn
suggested name: "girlie"    [FF99CC

The most girliest color in the crayon box. sweet dreams of barbie filled bedrooms and favorite church dresses.

submitted 20040415030307 by kristine   [homepage]
suggested name: "robbed"    [FF99CC

the color that belonged to me, she took what was mine, what u share with her belonged to me. the reality of your actions set in late. sorry but we both cant have this color

submitted 20030601090855 by sweet
suggested name: "YUK!!!"    [FF99CC

This is yukky... I hate it.

submitted 20030111024443
suggested name: "we"    [FF99CC

Reminds me of the time when he n i where together, hand in hand. life is bliss,never hardship. till one day, the storms came. we came apart, cold as ever, never to meet n talk again. once more, I found another him, this time, he is bliss. life is ever more blissful, I like him, he's mine. Life is bliss with him... I juz wanna hold him, embrace him... ...

submitted 20030111024206

the Barbie doll aisle at Toys R Us

submitted 20021228013330
suggested name: "puke pink"    [FF99CC

the color pink you see when you want to vomit

submitted 20021115204250
suggested name: "fruit delight"    [FF99CC

the color of a delicious fruit ice with melon and berries.

submitted 20021115203720
suggested name: "stuck"    [FF99CC

I have my very best Mary Jane shoes on, I am all dressed up in my best and most favorit dress and I am stuck in a huge wad of gum. I can't move and I will NEVER leave my best shoes behind.

submitted 20020831233255 by Sad

i decided to try this color in a shirt - maybe i need more colorful girly clothes

submitted 20011022084955

debbie gibson and scrunchies

submitted 20011015170829


submitted 20011014230028
suggested name: "Boy Pink"    [FF99CC

The color of the newborn boy. Very lovely.

submitted 20010714185329
suggested name: "Peptobismal"    [FF99CC

Reminds me of medicine

submitted 20010320080504
suggested name: "his lips"    [FF99CC

he nearly killed me with his soft kisses; I sometimes wish he had.

submitted 20010317174723 by Gloria   [email]
suggested name: "Lingo Legs "    [FF99CC

Dear God: Why are flamingo's pink?

submitted 20001214163301 by Sundayshoes

a newborn baby girl

submitted 20001203010426 by aileron
suggested name: "dolls"    [FF99CC

this colour screams girlishness's like the colour of every young girl when she is playing with dolls....(not me, though)

submitted 20000920093441 by femdog   [email]
suggested name: "pink"    [FF99CC

I like pink because it gives me a sense of happiness, feminity, and light-heartedness

submitted 20000818151305
suggested name: "bubble gum"    [FF99CC


submitted 20000316182203
suggested name: "spring time"    [FF99CC

A color of spring, a color of freshness. The time of beginnings, the time of life.

submitted 20000115224504 by vanessa marie   [email]

too much sugar

submitted 19990829111628
suggested name: "pepto pink"    [FF99CC

makes my tummy better

submitted 19990806191211 by Katie
suggested name: "Rose's deciet"    [FF99CC

The look on her face was pure passion, but in her heart there was only rage.

submitted 19990806143553 by jennifer
suggested name: "Sweet Heat"    [FF99CC

Listen to this color; it has a song of its own that is from a child-like world

submitted 19990714021826

Hello and welcome to Amman

submitted 19990621092659
suggested name: "elephants never forget"    [FF99CC

a treasured possession - my old woolly pink elephant. He was accidentally thrown into the fire when he was 3. When he was 10, my brother pulled his ear off. We never found it. When he was 15, my mother ripped him up for stuffing. I rescued him. Now my daughter cuddles him at night. He does not speak to me anymore.

submitted 19990614193324 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "atomic sunset"    [FF99CC

One color has it's place, but when colors interact, that's what it is all about - differentiated shades side by side, start to form a pattern, which may become a form. I chose this colour, somewhat randomly out of the band of colours it was in - and THEY caught my eye for looking like the bands of colour near the horizon during sunset...

submitted 19990513035948 by Nick   [email]