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  #CCFFFF / RGB = 204 - 255 - 255  

suggested name: "Whimsy"    [CCFFFF

A visual confection; the color obtained when taffy, bubbles, and laughter are vigorously mixed.

submitted 20131011000315

water on sand, retreating

submitted 20080602161850

Father build a house with three white bathtubs.

submitted 20061010154829

Trigonotis peduncularis

submitted 20061010152302
suggested name: "who goes there"    [CCFFFF

this is the color of two homosexaul men singing and eating mango on a windy night in texas.

submitted 20041116143757 by whocarestoknow
suggested name: "bird's egg"    [CCFFFF

that pale, pale blue of a tiny, broken egg, fallen onto the ground, it's small inhabitant flew away into the spring sky.

submitted 20040824195133 by emzie
suggested name: "ice"    [CCFFFF

Cool crisp icy color of the sky.

submitted 20040415025611 by kristine   [homepage]

Inside of this round something

submitted 20040331030906
suggested name: "Ice, Ice, Baby"    [CCFFFF

Icy cold.....reminds me of ice....makes me shiver

submitted 20030616173015 by Gidget   [email]
suggested name: "Virgin"    [CCFFFF

this is the color angel ware

submitted 20021215164609
suggested name: "healing"    [CCFFFF

and irritated at the immature, drunk little boys
making me feel like
i am the older one. sitting in the garage
with the most recent of the newcomers
chain-smoking camel menthol cigarettes.
one is studious in his efforts,
a bag in his lap, paper spread out. he looks up,
"head out back?"
i nod.

a small ring in the dark
the giggling foolish not allowed here
disturbing our peace.
passed, breathing, and
i am not so angry,
i am not so grounded
i am not so weighted
and for the first time in months,
there is no headache
and i feel like if i look
the scars will be gone
no need
no rush
just floating, and

submitted 20020427202426 by violette   [email]

You're weak and tired but the fact remains, you can only hold onto them if they don't let go.

submitted 20020331161111 by clumsythief
suggested name: ".-~*migraine*~-."    [CCFFFF

The color I see before my eyes as a flash of pain shoots through my skull. Harsh. Sudden. Blinding.

submitted 20020316113138 by TeeRee611   [email]
suggested name: "powder blue"    [CCFFFF

The color Mercedes that snotty rich bitch Kitsy wanted in high school

submitted 20020226182617 by Firedancer

alaska with the water reflecting in the ice

submitted 20011022105115

cinderella's dress was this color

submitted 20011021135432

it's winter at it's most soothing and gentle

submitted 20011017223306

wintergreen gum/soft cashmere sweater

submitted 20011015172011

trying to be cool, to be liked, but looking so guilty for trying too hard

submitted 20011015151211
suggested name: "ice mint"    [CCFFFF

This color is like those cough drops that make your throat feel icy and cool. Great when you're sick!

submitted 20010625074546 by Muffin
suggested name: "my tears"    [CCFFFF

how could he not trust me after all I had done for him and for all I mean to him?

submitted 20010317174852 by Gloria   [email]
suggested name: "Today's Sky (2-2-01)"    [CCFFFF

Oh, what a beautiful day!

submitted 20010202104448 by Patricia Aitken   [email]
suggested name: "Heart of ice"    [CCFFFF

my heart is a heart of ice. you caused me to be this way. there is no love out there that could melt my heart of ice

submitted 20000831233334 by jenn
suggested name: "new"    [CCFFFF

i could drink this colour right up, clean and new, like a new born

submitted 20000624122223

j a d e d

submitted 20000321211226
suggested name: "avalon"    [CCFFFF

...and so King Arthur went away to the island of Avalon, someday to return...

submitted 20000318161742
suggested name: "glacier"    [CCFFFF

Can't help but think of 'em. Also, bottles of mineral water. Who knows whether they're good for you?

submitted 20000112232216 by Caitlin   [homepage]
suggested name: "angora ice"    [CCFFFF

sweaters & tulle

submitted 19991222181749 by mdc62599
suggested name: "Tod im Schwimmbad"    [CCFFFF

Chlorgeruch,kaputter Schwimmreifen,Langeweile,
Turmsprung auf Beton,
pflasterblau,lifeguard is a freak,fuck miami....

submitted 19991221080846 by die Macher
suggested name: "Eric Pelka"    [CCFFFF

Forgiving tests towards a replenished victory!

submitted 19990911022536 by Eric Pelka
suggested name: "Something Special"    [CCFFFF

If you ever find lingerie this color, BUY IT!

submitted 19990821002840
suggested name: "Etruscanalabastermoss"    [CCFFFF

Hilly knolls with wisy raspberry knots and blue berry bonnets...........sweepy ocean delights!! Wow!

submitted 19990718001153 by Ramsey El-Taieb   [email]
suggested name: "Mist"    [CCFFFF

This is the cool breath that surrounds your body on autumn mornings, translated into color.

submitted 19990716051138 by Kasey   [email]
suggested name: "uninhabitable"    [CCFFFF

they used to paint penguin and polar bear enclosures this color supposedly to reflect their natural habitat - so NOT!

submitted 19990625055109 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "pale blue w. green"    [CCFFFF

icey, smooth, calm almost cold

submitted 19990412112023 by mary   [email]
suggested name: "ice blue"    [CCFFFF

ice in sunlight

submitted 19990408061610 by valerie mcgovern   [email]