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  #CCCCFF / RGB = 204 - 204 - 255  


calm and soothing

submitted 20140131204101
suggested name: "icing storm"    [CCCCFF

icing blue. baby blue almost its sweet but has an air or sofistication from assosiation with some thing more serious that i can not remember. Or a sky about to burst maybe

submitted 20060303050232
suggested name: "overcast blue"    [CCCCFF

The color of the sky in the morning when the air is slightly misty.

submitted 20050629225503
suggested name: "defunct dye"    [CCCCFF

Easter eggs that don't come out as bright as you'd like.

submitted 20041122023651 by marika
suggested name: "Affection"    [CCCCFF

This color says, "Abide with me, the best is yet to be."

submitted 20040812191958
suggested name: "periwinkle"    [CCCCFF

not quite purple, not quite blue. just somewhere in between called periwinkle.

submitted 20040415025906 by kristine   [homepage]

How do i download these colors?

submitted 20040114190507
suggested name: "morning dew"    [CCCCFF

dewy mornings..right before the sun comes that awakesleep state of conciousness..when everything is okay.

submitted 20030314210102 by rinaedin
suggested name: "Butterfly"    [CCCCFF

Light, airy.....if you reach out to grab it it will dissipate to dust......

submitted 20020304012309
suggested name: "HOLY-BLUE"    [CCCCFF

dress of the Holy Virgin Mary in that little chapel in Virginia

submitted 20020127091849

ohsosoft. fluffstuff.

submitted 20011205200512
suggested name: "grandma's perfume"    [CCCCFF

Grandmother's garden in the summer

submitted 20011114081602 by M

how does anyone see pink in this color?

submitted 20011021135046

the color of those awful taffeta bridesmaid dresses at your cousins wedding

submitted 20011015150106
suggested name: "softscent"    [CCCCFF

faint perfume like sun dried linems

submitted 20010913141237
suggested name: "hello spiral"    [CCCCFF

it looks like the smell of styrofoam

submitted 20010426024032
suggested name: "prozak"    [CCCCFF

vaguely disconcerting in its pleasantness; something dreadful would be made all the more so on such a field of watered-down azure.

submitted 20010321161426 by spitbucket   [email]
suggested name: "mystical fog"    [CCCCFF

It's not blue, it's not purple, and it's not pink, so what is it? That's what is cool about this color it is many colors in one and very original -- It soothes me.

submitted 20001206173936

the night at dusk

submitted 20000814215944
suggested name: "hydrangea"    [CCCCFF

This spring I have fallen in love with hydrangeas, noticing them everywhere I go. Why did I not see them before? I go from store to store, searching the paint chips for the proper hue. I want to capture spring on my bedroom walls.

submitted 20000605123203 by rachel
suggested name: "now"    [CCCCFF

i think i'm relaxed

submitted 20000422105945
suggested name: "cashmere sweater"    [CCCCFF

beautiful colour for a cashmere sweater, even though i am allergic to wool. dammit. why me, huh mom?

submitted 20000418152516 by charli girl
suggested name: "skyblue pink"    [CCCCFF

remember when crayola had a crayon named "skyblue pink"? It was my favorite... Wish it were back in the box..

submitted 20000317205113 by thonja

the colour of soft kisses

submitted 20000313092556 by Madzik
suggested name: "daisy love"    [CCCCFF

The pureness of a love or the softness of a daisy. The beauty of a baby, the shyness of a child.

submitted 20000115222823 by vanessa marie   [email]

beautiful colors!

submitted 20000112111742 by CathyYeh
suggested name: "sweater"    [CCCCFF

pretty perfect pastel for a soft sweater

submitted 19991223151306 by quEEn of grEEn
suggested name: "Slide"    [CCCCFF

Quick feelings...trans*parent thoughts of you

submitted 19991214091758
suggested name: "Camelot"    [CCCCFF

It's storybook-like, but also a bit like fog. Reminds me of Camelot . . don't know why.

submitted 19991122205029 by Fritterqueen

Luna's sweet kiss leaves
glitter of this shy lavendar across the cheeks of those who watch for her...

submitted 19991103173342

Purity of heart

submitted 19990829110755

Lavender blue, dilly-dally,
Lavender green.
When I am king, dilly-dally,
You shall be queen.

submitted 19990703230830 by faineant   [email]
suggested name: "blue moon in the afternoon"    [CCCCFF

they used to call it the children's moon cos that was the only time they got to see it - i don't know, i think kids can stay up longer than me these days

submitted 19990624080855 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "lavendar"    [CCCCFF

looks like my little hippo . . . it smiles back at me.

submitted 19990508083339 by fielle