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  #99FF99 / RGB = 153 - 255 - 153  

suggested name: "Hospital Green"    [99FF99

This is the colour all the hospital walls in the USSR were painted. It's so depressing... Why wouldn't they pick a cleaner, more uplifting colour? Or at least white.

submitted 20070407172734 by Irina
suggested name: "lovable lime"    [99FF99

lime green almost needs chocolate but is still striking alone

submitted 20060303050801
suggested name: "spring"    [99FF99

Spring green, coordinating oh so well with a good pink. Think of little girls with dresses in this color with tulips on them.

submitted 20040415025738 by kristine   [homepage]
suggested name: "Jackie O."    [99FF99

Reminds me of an outfit Jackie Kennedy-Onassis wore one time in the 60's...

submitted 20030616182513 by Gidget   [email]
suggested name: "Key lime"    [99FF99

This is such a pretty calming color. I love it!

submitted 20021215161521
suggested name: "i smell July"    [99FF99

7 pm, July, Summer sunset, East of the world.

submitted 20021213010616

Windy windy windy

submitted 19991113035536
suggested name: "In Pastures Green we know he's been"    [99FF99

Grandpa Bertie had a penchant for painting everything in sight this color - sheds, swings, even the trellis that held up the sweetpea. He died many years ago but it's family joke that when we get to heaven we'll know where he's been. This cheers granny up immensely ...

submitted 19990627042139 by ReTroGrrl   [email]