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  #99CC66 / RGB = 153 - 204 - 102  


every green
has something to tell you.

this sage

calm. says

there will be snow
but not for
some time.

try and enjoy the sunlight.

and stretch. learn
from the cat
on the grass.

lean against a
and fall in love

while the sun
still warms you
in the evening.

submitted 20080605124957
suggested name: "soft lime"    [99CC66

It just looks like it should be called soft lime.

submitted 20050712133748
suggested name: "typepad green"    [99CC66

brenna wore a sweater this color because she said it was typepad green. now I won't ever see the color without thinking of that. :)

submitted 20040415030108 by kristine   [homepage]

I keep imagining the peasoup scene from "The Exorcist"

submitted 20030724211657
suggested name: "holiday puke"    [99CC66

Reminds me of a weekend away with drunken madness ending in colourful mess.

submitted 20011015093400 by raine
suggested name: "Spearmint"    [99CC66

So yummy I can taste it.

submitted 20010221134339 by Faith   [email]
suggested name: "m.a.s.h.e.d"    [99CC66

I bought a pair of pj's this color, thinking they were cool and different. He said I looked like I was in army fatigues ... He was right

submitted 19990628185354 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "freegreen"    [99CC66

alive with pale color
i think i might

submitted 19990419211321