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  #990033 / RGB = 153 - 0 - 51  

suggested name: "Shirt"    [990033

i wore a shirt this color today and i have to admit i actually looked pretty good today. that is something i never say about myself

submitted 20051117204315 by jenn
suggested name: "~at~the~palace~"    [990033

regal, royal, divine...can only be cool and silky... heavy and velvet...longing for a life from the past where there was fog and castles

submitted 20040730192923 by guruturtle
suggested name: "ruby"    [990033

a color of red with just enough pink in it to actually enjoy using in a layout. regal and sexy. perfect ruby lips.

submitted 20040415030545 by kristine   [homepage]


submitted 20030426213320

Delicious. This must be something naturally sweet. I think rasberries. Its a jewel tone. I think of it as fabric. Sheer scarves, rich velvet. Its not girlish pink or daring red. It is sensual.Its on the edge of being warm.

submitted 20030108203758
suggested name: "royal velvet"    [990033

the color of royalty and santa clause

submitted 20021115204214
suggested name: "Garnet Rosary"    [990033

A sentimental "blue" red

submitted 20020815211516
suggested name: "amapolas"    [990033

the color of flowers... but annoying on flower prints

submitted 20011010004500

Birth...After Birth

submitted 20010816205724 by Geniemama
suggested name: "touchable"    [990033

feeling the heart beating faster as the buttons clatter to the floor.

submitted 20010616154639 by Belle
suggested name: "temptation"    [990033

the color of passion and life-giving blood; the burning intensity of molten lava in a volcano. It is a hungry color, of things deeply desired, but surely they are forbidden. Strength rises from this color - taste it's energy - you know you want to.

submitted 20010505163844 by Muffin
suggested name: "passion"    [990033

the heat rises..kiss me, please kiss me...

submitted 20010320110641 by Sirena
suggested name: "pretty"    [990033

How it looks?
Your comment is highly appreciated...

submitted 20010318140716 by Nasir   [email]

her luscious lips: deep red, sweet, succulent, like a poisoned apple from a fairytale, inviting and tempting, but deadly.

i fall for her trap.

i die happy.

submitted 20001202062121 by aileron
suggested name: "icebreaker"    [990033

I bought a pair of tights in roughly this color. I hadn't gone into the shop with the intention of buying tights, but the shopkeeper, with his gentle smile, said,

"Here, try these on. I want to see you in these."

That's not the sort of request you turn down.

submitted 20000701220241 by Jason   [email]   [homepage]
suggested name: "Painful heart"    [990033

Red chooses another flavor, to hold until it breaks...always the color of a painful heart.

submitted 19991217082319 by DEFears   [email]
suggested name: "Obession"    [990033

Wanting what u can't have, isnt it a killer

submitted 19990806222214 by Iffer
suggested name: "pretentious plonk"    [990033

cabernet sauvignon
all the fancy names in the world don't change the fact that it is just 'plonk'

submitted 19990628201227 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "Cocktail."    [990033

w/ a splash of crabapple; or Dacquiri, perhaps, w/ the fleshy pulp of grapefruit as thick as the ice.

submitted 19990609174352 by gabriel   [email]