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  #660099 / RGB = 102 - 0 - 153  

suggested name: "Purple"    [660099


submitted 20140609181652


submitted 20080612183429
suggested name: "Purple Gem"    [660099

Deepest darkest crystal purple of the African amethyst wants to make me jump into it and drink grape jam

submitted 20060316091328 by Annie
suggested name: "royal purple"    [660099

the beautiful queen wearing her soft royal robe in purple.

submitted 20040416024026 by kristine   [homepage]

prostye dvizhen'ya.

submitted 20030303190208 by rinaedin
suggested name: "Indigo Religion"    [660099

The expansiveness of the not-blue, not-purple of indigo fills me with a peacefulness only else felt when looking out over the endless Rockies of the Continental Divide...

submitted 20021111054135 by Dragynphly

the color of him...

submitted 20020828032215
suggested name: "660099"    [660099

prince, 1985......what a decade

submitted 20020608195003 by Jaida   [email]
suggested name: "bic pen purple"    [660099

this color reminds me of my bic pen. standing out among the black.

submitted 20011021204945
suggested name: "Truthful violet"    [660099


submitted 20010624050652 by Bzigne   [email]
suggested name: "Sultry"    [660099

The original mourning colour

submitted 20010428111820 by Wanda   [email]
suggested name: "Gossip"    [660099

It's so catty, so cruel-don't ya just love it?

submitted 20010321093918 by Sirena
suggested name: "purple"    [660099

i am starting to get sick of seeing so many women/girls wearing head to toe purple. i mean, what's up with that? my french teacher in college only wore purple. i did when i was 9, but HEY, i grew out of it. why are women still doing it, and why purple?

submitted 20010117155611
suggested name: "purple"    [660099

purple is ugly

submitted 20001004113402
suggested name: "Queen Mab"    [660099

so beautiful, yet so dangerous and evil at the same time...

submitted 20000318162511
suggested name: "Epona"    [660099

It's the color of faerytales--of a clear, fogless night sky glittering with the glow of faeryfolk.

submitted 19991122192323 by Caro
suggested name: "poprox"    [660099

the grape poprox sprinkle my toungue with pinches!

submitted 19991113114614 by grape

Huckleberry pie

submitted 19991113035248
suggested name: "Purple"    [660099

Makes me think of times back in high school when the person who wore purple on friday was criticized for being horny

submitted 19991030084725
suggested name: "Wolfville Wonder"    [660099

Jim Fetty where are you? This is you King Color. You have to respond!

submitted 19990818031618   [email]
suggested name: "Purple Speaks"    [660099

Always, purple has something to long will the lavendar keep its color in these hot summer days?

submitted 19990802022331 by Eileen Skoog   [email]
suggested name: "varicose veins"    [660099

a map of bloods journey

submitted 19990701025917 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "Peace"    [660099

You feel like me.

submitted 19990531034853 by Henry   [email]   [homepage]