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  #000033 / RGB = 0 - 0 - 51  

suggested name: "Midnight"    [000033

In the night sky..

submitted 20100414130238

the dark night of the
is darker, even
than this:

when you close your eyes,
you cannot see the stars

submitted 20080605130521
suggested name: "navy"    [000033

Makes me feel comfortable

submitted 20080317114826
suggested name: "Midnight Blue"    [000033 a night sky with stars in it. adventourous yet calm

submitted 20080317114811

makes me feel comfortable

submitted 20080317114645
suggested name: "Nuit"    [000033

Night sky, all we need are stars in it!

submitted 20060702173832 by Nicole

this color reminds me of my best friend

submitted 20060322153530

I grew up in a small town and there were no streetlights on our street. Once the sun had set and the orange and golden were all but gone, the western horizon turned this color and it would slowly spread to the whole dome.

submitted 20060319114157

and the fireflies

submitted 20060228102448

the sky

submitted 20050209173224
suggested name: "midnight sky"    [000033

Pinprick sized stars should start showing through the screen any moment, with this perfect midnight background.

submitted 20040416024349 by kristine   [homepage]

Inspiring, for some reason, a colour that, especially inconjuction with those around it brings about an androgynous creativity.

submitted 20040206220612 by Anthony
suggested name: "Dreaming"    [000033

Night time. Peaceful cool night. Far away from the heat and rush of the day/

submitted 20031001012715
suggested name: "summer sanitarium"    [000033

reminds me of my first concert--metallica waited till dark to start their show and the flames from peoples lighters looked like stars in the crowd

submitted 20030723001938 by alicia   [email]

this color makes me feel like doing something intelligent and important. something that Im obviously not doing at the moment. so actually maybe this color is causing guilt...hmmmm

submitted 20030528022214   [email]
suggested name: "blinding blue"    [000033

this colour sucks ass sometimes i wear this colour to school and kids hit me in the face and sometimes the nose

submitted 20030518212918 by kathy w   [email]
suggested name: "Summer Night"    [000033

This color is the color the sky was at the Who concert on 7/3/02 I went to at the moment everyone lit their lighters during Behind Blue Eyes in honour of John Entwistle.

submitted 20030403175953 by Jennifer   [email]
suggested name: "sleep"    [000033

the color of dreams

submitted 20030226122905

in the depths of the ocean

submitted 20020809184015
suggested name: "midnight"    [000033

midnight shoots by across my bed now, jigsaw puzzle you're in my head

submitted 20020325133035 by alison   [email]
suggested name: "flickering midnight"    [000033

The color of the dark thoughts that flit about in the blackened recesses of a disturbed psyche.

submitted 20020225222404 by TeeRee611   [email]
suggested name: "mystery black"    [000033

dracula is coming! Well, in any case, something dangerous or wild is in the air

submitted 20011121043831 by darkelve
suggested name: "Javert"    [000033

A beautiful but damaged soul

submitted 20011027023410 by cherubino

a night's dark sky, the kind you would never see in NYC

submitted 20011022105936
suggested name: "ooooblue"    [000033

confident comforting mysterious

submitted 20011014230609   [email]
suggested name: "Velvet stars"    [000033

the color of the sky outside when I wish you could be there to kiss me..and you aren't

submitted 20010320110358 by Sirena
suggested name: "OCEAN STORM"    [000033


submitted 20010312114922

...ohhhh, honey, you're gonna have fun tonight...

submitted 20001226143514 by Kristin
suggested name: "Everdark"    [000033

Ever dark it was, that night we not-so-chastely spent beneath the twinkling night.

submitted 20000913174215 by Kiera
suggested name: "eternal"    [000033

the fabric of existance. the essence of life. the loneliness of the night. the fear in the heart. the calm of the soul. this is eternal. everlasting flow.

submitted 20000421091405 by josh   [email]
suggested name: "Midnight"    [000033

This is the color of the sky on a moonless night after the pinks, oranges, and reds of dusk are gone.

submitted 20000324003343   [email]

the half brain found in the sewer
black and blue
covered with mold and urine
(some here might want to claim it, size adult, built for the left side, but in a pinch it could be altered for the right side.)

submitted 20000113160913
suggested name: "milkfed suburban blues"    [000033

every year now like christmas, some boy gets the milkfed suburban blues, reaches for the available arsenal and saunters off to make the news

submitted 19991218061010 by button
suggested name: "Unshowable pain"    [000033

This is the pain that you cause me, but i will never let u know how much u hurt me

submitted 19991216193652 by jen
suggested name: "Starry-night, minus the stars"    [000033

This color reminds me of the night sky, minus the stars, hence the name you see in the upper right corner. Being reminded of a dark, starry sky makes me feel content.

submitted 19991210224942 by Spooky

dark of midnight where cats sleep

submitted 19991116100942 by cat

She was wearing this color shirt when she boarded the plane.

submitted 19991030021313
suggested name: "Fear of Fear"    [000033

Aphotic images, layered and translucent mirroring the dance of protrons neutrons and electrons

submitted 19990826005526   [email]
suggested name: "Daughter's pain"    [000033

You said u love me then why do u do everything to hurt me

submitted 19990823092454 by jen
suggested name: "ask"    [000033

flat hill flask bin tabs six then seven!

submitted 19990815180357 by Eric Pelka
suggested name: "varnished blue"    [000033

This is the color of my heart.

submitted 19990809123420 by Anthony Armendariz   [email]
suggested name: "Eternal pain"    [000033

This is what u see when u gaze in to my forbidden soul.

submitted 19990808200636 by jen
suggested name: "Eternal pain"    [000033

This is what u see when u gaze in to my forbidden soul.

submitted 19990808200633 by jen
suggested name: "Pain"    [000033

This is what you will see when u look in to my heart and my soul. Its eating away inside , pretty soon i will be hollow

submitted 19990808002508 by jen
suggested name: "Pain"    [000033

Alll the time i loved u, and u did was cause me pain

submitted 19990806193222 by Iffer

Tell me a story. Make contact with me somehow, give me your words, take me with you. Show me colors, show me love, despair, kindness and pains, show me the truth or tell me lies. I need human touch.

submitted 19990730184046
suggested name: "Velvet Night Sky"    [000033

the rich darkness of a moon-lit night, gently dotted with the lights of a million stars

submitted 19990718162159 by Silver Moon Sparkling   [email]
suggested name: "beast"    [000033

an evil beast lives within us all, some tame it and others let it roam only to have it devour them

submitted 19990715192738 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "midnight"    [000033

Since the dawn of time I've been here
deadly beauty dancing quickly
I'm the fire, and you my song
Red adoring Midnight Blue

purely youth, I burn eternal
hungering, living life each day
twilight dampens roars to quiet
Red adoring Midnight Blue

softly watching, one step distant
sparkling with a thousand jewels
like a lion, silent, spellbound
Red adoring Midnight Blue

under you, I pause my journey
momentary calm ensues
veils of night enfolding scarlet
Red adoring Midnight blue...

submitted 19990713171446 by Pauline   [email]
suggested name: "deeperdown"    [000033

I'm trying to get deeper, but it just turns practically causes physical pain because I can't get it. I want to dig deeper, and make the palette 3-d, so I can go down further and further....but I can't.
and that bothers me and makes me uncomfortable.

submitted 19990709030934 by kittyblu   [email]
suggested name: "lake michigan"    [000033

the drexciyans battle with the sea serpent continues in davy jones locker

submitted 19990630162308 by ben /royal/ glazier   [email]
suggested name: "Thief."    [000033

it isn't even that it steals
but like all velvet
it closes the eyes.

submitted 19990602053727 by gabriel   [email]
suggested name: "midnight"    [000033

the blue of a night without stars, when all will dissipate and no longer be.

i miss them all, however i may never turn back, never see them as they are. i wonder if they may ever be mine again.

is this the color i would see if i looked into your eyes?

submitted 19990422194739 by fielle